Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Snippets–Introducing The Lobster Cove Series & Another Man’s Son


Lobster Cove Logo This Saturday’s snippet comes from Another Man’s Son, my new romantic suspense from The Wild Rose Press. It’s part of the delicious Lobster Cover series – you can see more about this on Alicia Dean’s blog here, where Alicia features author interviews and excerpts from the four stories currently available, or here on the TWRP website.

In Release Day Order, click on the titles to see the book on Amazon:

Juelle’s Legacy – Carol Henry

Catch Me If You Can – Mitzi Pool Bridges

Another Man’s Son – Glenys O’Connell

Heavy Netting – Nicki Greenwood

The idea actually for Another Man’s Son comes from an old folk song my musician husband sings, about a man who marries a rich landed lady instead of the woman he loves; the phrase stuck in my mind: “At night when I lie in my bed of slumber…I turn around to embrace my love, and instead of gold sure it’s brass I find...” That set me thinking of why a 21st century woman might agree to marry someone instead of the man she loved; and what the results would be. My heroine is a 19 year old when she finds herself pregnant and apparently alone without support of her lover or family. Wouldn’t that be enough to accept a marriage proposal that would guarantee her future, and that of her child, especially if promised it was ‘marriage in name only’?

Here’s Your Saturday Snippet:

perf5.000x8.000.indd“He should have known she'd come to see him. Women like her treated men like something they'd wipe off the soles of their shoes. Once a man got them out from under his skin, they came running back to try and get that old itch wanting to be scratched again.

Ben's impassive face showed none of his thoughts as five minutes later one of the deputies, Roy Webb, showed a pale-faced Kathryn into the office. Ben thanked the deputy, then silently indicated that Kathryn should sit on one of the hard, uncomfortable visitors' chair before returning to concentrate on the papers he was reading. Or pretending to read – the sight of her took his breath away again, and he watched her covertly from under his brows. Dark rings under her eyes accentuated her paleness, and she was thinner than he remembered, dressed in an expensive designer suit in a pale oyster color that accentuated that pale skin and luminous green eyes. erHerHer features had matured and she had developed a poise that suited her. The pretty girl he had known had become a stunningly beautiful woman.

Finally, when he could put it off no longer, Ben signed his name with a flourish and dropped the paperwork back into its file in his out basket. He leaned back in his chair, met her direct gaze and asked: "What can I do for you, Mrs. Morgan?"

Something flickered across her face at his tone, at the slight emphasis on her married title. She pushed back a stray lock of hair with fingers that shook a little, but her voice was even as she replied. "I've come to you because I need help, Ben."

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