Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the Booksigning..

A funny thing happened at the booksigning.
Sounds like the start of a comedy routine, doesn't it? For some odd reason, many of my public appearances seem like that, too.....
Where was I? My first booksigning was at a school. Thirty eager little boys gathered around me and listened rapt while I told stories - did I tell you I started out as a children's book author? - anyway, they were really good kids (I think their teacher had threatened them with something aweful if they weren't) and at the end I signed a huge pile of books. One little guy, about eight, came up and told me how much his sister loved my books, and read every one of them over and over. Was I ever pleased!
Until I realised that he was mixed up and thought I was another author - what an ego deflating moment that was! Still, I met the other writer later at a writer's conference and we had a good laugh when I explained how, when I was starting out, I had a chance to bask in her reflected glory!
But it was an event at my last signing, at a huge bookstore in Kingston, Ontario, for Judgement By Fire, that sparked this blog. A woman came up and was reading my promotion materials when she suddenly exclaimed : "Romance Can Be Murder!" (That's my tag line for my romantic fiction books)
"Oh,"she said, "You don't know this, but you've just given me a God message."
"Er, God message?" I asked, already feeling that funny ominous tingly sensation on my spine.
"Yes, a message from God. Romance Can Be Murder. Thank you so much - you've helped me make a decision! I can't tell you what a help this is."
And off she went, leaving me worrying about exactly what kind of decision a person makes from a line like Romance Can Be Murder.
I'm watching the local press for any stories about a woman killing her lover.
Can I be named as an accessory?