Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Day, Another Deadline

I'm busy doing the final edits on a novel I ghostwrote for someone else. Ghostwriting is a whole different field of writing, one that can be fascinating if you're lucky enough to get the good assignments, mind numbingly boring if you don't. And the clients make such a difference - I've been lucky enough in all my projects to have wonderful clients to work with.
For example, my latest is a kind of chicklit style novelised autobiography for a lovely lady who wants to tell her story as an inspiration for others who are looking for love and beginning to think it will never happen to them. Given the miracle of the Internet, we've worked together to create a 90,000 plus novel that is ready to be polished and then she's going to look for a publisher - she's already made great plans for her work and I sincerely hope that her dreams come true. I'll let you know how that developes!
Meanwhile, I need to finish the final polish. I edited nearly 100 pages today and I'm a little cross-eyed now...I'd hoped to have the whole thing finished and send off to my client, who's quite excited about the whole thing, by Monday but it's not going to happen. I have a family and must keep a promise to go and spend the weekend with one of my beautiful daughters. I'm looking forward to her company, and to the break.
And I have other work, as well - including a non-fiction book that really has my interest, something like Depression: The Essential Guide that I wrote last year for a UK company. So, time to shut down the computer, pack a bag, and get a night's sleep before the big drive tomorrow.
So, goodnight, and happy reading/writing to you all!