Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday’s Inspiration–The Greatest Inspiration of All: Babies


Louisa & Caleb, one week oldI’ve been a bit haphazard in my postings recently, and I’m really late with today’s Monday’s Inspiration.

But for a very good reason. I am so full of emotion, so inspired, that it’s actually hard to think and write.

A little while ago we welcomed a new grandson into our family. It wasn’t the easiest of deliveries and two sets of grandparents, an aunt and two uncles paced the waiting room for hours, stopping only to take a quick peek in at the mom to be, our daughter Louisa, check on progress and mutter encouragement.

Our son in law, Jeff, was by her side every minute, except for brief forays to the waiting room to deliver whatever news there was – or no news at all. And he was there, too, to hold her hand as the baby was delivered by C-section.

So it was with tears of relief and joy that we welcomed eight pounds of joy, Caleb Adrian, into our arms and our lives. Congratulations to Jeff, Louisa, and their beautiful son, now settling back into their own home again.

And thanks to the lovely staff at BGH for their care and kindness.

Can you think of anything more inspiring than the arrival of a brand new life?

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