Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love a bargain? Get 350 Great Romances for Just $1.99 each!

Crimson Romance Sale

Yes, for just $1.99 you can enjoy one or more – lots more – of these great romances from Crimson Romance.  The sale includes my romantic suspense with a touch of paranormal: Saving Maggie, sensuality rating: Sensual. .

Here’s the blurb:

Newspaper reporter Maggie Kendall has a psychic gift - or a curse: The missing violently dead call for her to find them. Her ability incites a serial killer to play games with her, sending her an invitation in a pink envelope every time he kills and daring her to find his victims. But when the killer moves the bodies without leaving a trace, Maggie is denounced as the worse kind of charlatan - a psychic fake who feeds off the pain of other peoples' tragedies. Just the sort of person that Detective Joshua Tyler hates the most. He's been hounded by reporters and fake psychics since his emotionally disturbed wife disappeared two years earlier. He reacts angrily when Maggie offers a message from his wife. But he can't help being attracted to her even as she infuriates him. The killer believes that Maggie is that one special person he's been searching for - someone who can read his mind. Only her death can bind them together forever. Maggie knows he's going to kill her, and she knows why. But how can she make Tyler believe her? She needs him to join her in a race against an experienced and determined killer to save her life . . .

Here’s an excerpt:

. Maggie had lain awake, becoming hyper conscious of her attraction to the detective whose tall frame was pretzeled on her living room sofa. She fantasized about going to him, feathering kisses on his face, brushing that dark hair back off his deep, intelligent forehead…and the lonely ache that welled up in her left her further sleepless.

Dawn came dulled with the promised spring rain, and Maggie heard Tyler up and moving around long before her own normal rising time. A gentle knock at her door made her grab for the sheets to cover herself—she always slept in the nude but there was no need for Tyler to know that.

At her invitation, Tyler came in to the bedroom carrying two mugs of tea. His eyes widened at Maggie’s tousled state, and she knew he had guessed she was naked beneath the sheets.

“I have to leave for an early meeting at the O.P.P. detachment,” he said, his voice unsteady as he tried not to stare at her so openly. Maggie knew she’d turned a delicate color of pink—probably all over—at his glance. “I’ll lock the door when I leave. If anyone comes to the door, check them out through the upstairs window so they can’t see you—don’t answer to anyone you don’t know. And be careful when you leave the house—check that there’s no one hiding in the bushes or in your car…”

“Yes, Mother,” Maggie said, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “Has it occurred to you that I’ve been living with this for years and been able to take care of myself?”

“Has it occurred to you that, if you’re correct and there’s a serial killer murdering people for you, that he may just have got impatient and be ready to kill you, too, now that he’s found you again?”

Maggie drew in a sharp breath. “I’m sorry. I guess I’d begun to feel safe here, and now I know I’m not. I’m going over to the vet’s this morning to see how Killer is, then on to my office. I’ll probably be there all day.”

There’s something for everyone, so don’t delay – get yours while the sale lasts! Click here for the full list.

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