Monday, December 23, 2013

How Not To Do Christmas…….@GlenysOConnell


Can I blame the Second Worst Ice Storm Ever? No, my Christmas Disaster Record started before the storm hit.

I decided not to put up a big tree this year. The reasons willtree for blog probably make you smile:

1) We have a new kitten (now an adolescent with more energy than he deserves) and he'd have the tree undressed as quick as I could dress it - and would probably end up stuck on the top. A Kitty Tree Ornament!

2) I can't find the damn tree! We have a really elderly fake tree I bought in Ireland from a second hand store. It's basically a broomstick handle with wire brush things you stick in the holes. The first year we were in this house, year one, we found the tree 'cos we were still unpacking. But ornaments? None to be found. The 'grown up' kids enjoyed making paper ornaments. The second year (last year) we found the ornaments but no tree anywhere. I mean, how on earth can something the size of a tree disappear?

I intended to buy a live tree to be planted in the spring, but the only ones Canadian Tire and Walmart had were really I stuck up the two feet tall fake tree instead..

Then  I went to put the little crib up, have had it for years. Baby Jesus and the Cow are MIA. Probably He rode off on the cow to somewhere warmer and less icy......

So, no crib, no big tree. Next year, I swear, I will get organised sooner!

Now, I wanted to make some chocolate covered peanut butter balls, but I've never done it before and I'm almost afraid to try - my track record hasn't been too successful this Xmas!

Oh, and I was so proud of myself, getting cards made well before Xmas. Guess what is still sitting on my desk????? <sigh>

Where does all the time go???

Oh, and the oil delivery truck just backed up our driveway, skidded, and ended up on the lawn. Very large backhoe pulling him out. I'm beginning to feel like the Typhoid Annie of Christmas!

If you hear of a Christmas turkey blowing up in the oven on Christmas Day or some similar disaster, you'll know the likely location. Maybe I should just go for a long winter's nap....

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